Laser Gloves 2/3/4/5 For DJ Party | Disco Lightings | 2022

The laser gloves are not only amazing for DJ parties, they are great for any performance or event with music, dancing or stage performances. This can be used to create an array of different laser light shows that will be mesmerizing to all who see them. Although this is just one of the many inventive products JDN has created, these laser gloves are truly worth every penny.

Laser Gloves are used by professional light show artists around the world for clubs, concerts,parties, and any other event where you need to be seen. The secret is in the flexible fabric that allows you to stretch each glove into different positions. Stage performers use them as an accessory for their act or just to stand out on stage. Lasers can be seen all around the room and will leave an amazing visual experience for everyone.



 Laser 2/3/4/5 Laser lights--1 Piece Right Hand Glove

Note: 1)  Glove are issued by right hand by default,please contact us if you need left hand.

          2) After receiving the goods, Pl recharge 2 to 3 hours before using.

Use for stage and dancing ( Right Hand )

With rechargeable battery .

Work 2~ hours for one time .

Glove Size: both bands, size by adjusting the straps.

Rechargeable laser gloves

Charging time :2-3 hours

Product Features:

Flexible Fabric: Lightweight and comfortable material makes you feel soft and fit your hand perfectly, good elasticity makes the gloves move freely don’t worry about it will be loose when you working.

Each hand laser gloves different colors of lasers as mentioned.

laser gloves Light Up Party : A must-have for any Party, Concert, Clubbing, Night Activities, Wedding, Birthday Party.

4 Finger Beam Lights: Ultra-bright to illuminate in the dark, and elastic strap attach the light to your fingers or other objects

Mini LED Finger light for Crafts is the wonderful decoration for Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Valentine's day and any festival! Decorate your parties and KTVs with the beautiful lights!

Please don't keep this laser direct to eyes too long, that will hurt eyes.

 Voltage: 3.7V       Usage time: about 1-2 hours
With 600mAh built-in lithium battery, convenient to charge and use.

Suitable for dancing, stage show, DJ club, party, bar, etc.

1. After receiving the goods, some lasers may not light up, don't worry, there may be no charge in battery, please charge it in time.

2. Glove are issued by right hand by default,please contact us if you need left hand.

3. If you want to see many beams clearly, you need to use it in a smoky environment. Our photos are all taken in a smoky environment.


1. It would be advisable to use in conjunction with smoke, the laser lines can be seen very clearly in smoke

2. After use, it should be placed out of reach of children and pets to avoid accidental injury.

Package Included:

1 x Laser Gloves (one hand, with rechargeable battery and 4 laser head)

1 x Charger plug

1 x Protection box


Estimated Free Delivery would be approximately in  28 to 30 days from the date of the receipt of the payment. 

Express shipping would be 10 to 13 days depends upon the mode of shipping you selected.



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Frank Miller

Received today. It came in a very neat plastic case. Happy with the purchase.