Disco Laser Light Projector | Animated RGB Colorful Dmx512 Dj Lighting

Animated Laser Projector from JDN Online

The Animated Laser Projector is a great tool for all kinds of party occasions. The laser projector will add a touch of fun to any room or venue. It can be used as a background for parties, bars and clubs, or in the house when you have friends over. The laser light projector comes with various built-in patterns, such as Christmas trees, butterflies and many more. These wonderful animated patterns create a fantastic show that will mesmerize your guests for hours on end. The laser light projector has been designed by our engineers to be easy to use and set up in seconds with just one power source.

 •color: RGB

• Sound Active:

The Laser Projector will respond to the music that is playing.It will automatically change the pattern and color with the rhythm of the music

• Remote Control: You can use the remote control to change the pattern and speed of the light and music.

• Cool Effect: The Laser Projector can be used for parties, clubs, night club etc.The pattern and color will be changed automatically according to the rhythm and beat of the music.

• Wide Application: It can be used in bars, discos, karaoke rooms, night clubs, stage performances, disco, parties etc.





Customer Reviews

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Eldred Ebert

Super nice item and super fast seller/shipping. Thank you!

Ara Feeney

Disco Animated Laser Light Projector | RGB Colorful Dmx512 Dj Lighting

Quentin Hartmann

Great thing for home parties

Kasandra Muller

Disco Animated Laser Light Projector | RGB Colorful Dmx512 Dj Lighting

Rebekah Shields