About Us

     What made me to start JDN Online platform

Hi I’m Sachee.
Welcome to JDN Online, your number one source for lamps and lights.
A couple of years ago I was looking to get lighting products for my parents house. Some of the leading E-commerce had a lot of selection but the quality of the products was not up to my expectation.
Normal shops were expensive and didn’t have what we wanted.
So to solve this problem I went out to find the best lighting products that were unique and high quality. In my search I managed create partnerships with some of the most talented producers of high quality lights, lamps as well as home automation products.
With this new found partnerships, coupled with my quality testing and eye for good design I decided to start my own business. This business would help people like me that were looking great quality lighting products for home or office at a decent price.
Today, I am operating out of Australia with our partners in Asia and China to deliver to the world.
Our business would not be possible without people like you. 
People that refuse to settle for low quality or high prices. 
People that appreciate good design and good moods and vibes. Which are, what at the end of the day, people like you buy from us.
 Sachee Perera